Current & Upcoming TAME Scholarships

TAME Freshman Scholarship applications for 2023-24 have closed.

TAME offers financial support for TAME seniors planning to major in engineering and STEM. Awards typically range from $500 – $2,000.

Who Can Apply for TAME Scholarships?

Applicants for TAME Freshman Scholarships must:

  • Be currently enrolled in high school and scheduled to graduate at the end of the current academic year
  • Have competed in a TAME STEM Competition any year during high school
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Plan to attend an accredited college or university and have a declared major in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Priority will be given to engineering majors.

(Not sure if a university or college is accredited? Check this database, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education.)

Application Process

Checklist: The following materials MUST be submitted to apply for a TAME Scholarship.

  • Completed application and essay
  • Copy of most recent high school transcript (does not need to be a formal sealed transcript)
  • Copy of your FAFSA Student Aid Report OR parent/guardian’s most recent Tax Return IRS 1040
  • Copy of acceptance letter from community college/accredited university
  • Letter of recommendation from your TAME Club Sponsor or a teacher
    • Option 1: Your Club Sponsor or teacher can submit their letter at
    • Option 2: Your Club Sponsor or teacher can send the letter to you as a PDF or Word document to submit with the rest of your documents


  • Additional letter of recommendation written by a STEM teacher or responsible person in the community who knows you well and can attest to your personal qualities and abilities.

Additional information:

  • Awards are based on years of TAME involvement, financial need, academic potential, achievement, recommendation, and a personal essay.
  • All scholarship award payments will be forwarded to the financial aid office at the university. No funds will be provided directly to the student. Funds will be divided into two semesters and may be used to help pay for tuition, room and board, books, and/or fees during the student’s freshman year.
  • Applicants must meet all minimum enrollment qualifications required by the university.

Deadline – April 19

Applications and all supporting documentation, including letters of recommendation, must be received at the TAME State Office by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.
Questions regarding scholarships and/or the application processes should be directed to

Announcement of awards

Due to a large number of scholarship applications, the announcement of results has been delayed.  Scholarships will be announced in May.

Complete your application

You must complete this application in one session, so have the information and documents ready.

Need help?

TAME has been helping young engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and more launch their careers for decades. We serve many students who are part of the first generation in their family to go to college, and we have helped troubleshoot all kinds of questions and unique situations.

You’re not alone in this. We may be limited in the help we can offer right now, but we’re still just an email away. Please reach out early and often about the application if you have any questions:

Scholarship Timeline & Expectations

TAME’s annual Scholarship timeline includes five events over the course of the year. There are four mandatory action items for students, underlined below:

  1. TAME opens scholarship applications in mid-spring & 12th grade students apply
  2. In late spring, TAME announces the recipients as the TAME Scholar Class of that year
  3. The new TAME Scholars sign and send a Scholarship Agreement and photo; once these have been received, TAME mails the Fall scholarship check to the university
  4. In December, Scholars send an End of Semester Scholarship Letter that describes the impact of this scholarship on their college experience; once these have been received, TAME mails the Spring scholarship check to the university
  5. In May, Scholars send a final End of Semester Letter, which may help us secure funding for additional Evergreen Scholarships


Submitting Letters of Recommendation

Each application must have at least one letter of recommendation from the TAME Club Sponsor or a teacher who knows the student. There are two options for submitting letters:

  • Option 1: the Club Sponsor or teacher can submit their letter privately at The submission form link will work for any letter of recommendation, including the mandatory letter and the optional letter.
    Submit letter of recommendation online
  • Option 2: the Club Sponsor or teacher can send the letter to the student as a PDF to submit with the rest of the documents.

Beyond the mandatory first letter, a student has the option of submitting an additional letter of recommendation. This letter would be written by a STEM teacher or responsible person in the community who knows the student well and can attest to personal qualities and abilities.