TAME Board Members and Advisory Board Members at the 2016 Spring Board Retreat

TAME Board


Laura Bosworth, Chair, TeVido Biodevices
Tricia Gore, Immediate Past Chair, University of Texas, Retd.
Karl Nichols, Secretary, E3 Alliance
Michele Meyer, Treasurer, University of Texas

Members at Large

Aaron Maestas, Raytheon
Andy Deck, National Instruments  
Britiany Hayes, ConocoPhillips
Deb Dorman
Deborah Kariuki, Round Rock ISD
Dominic Cortez, B&W Pantex
Grant Butkus, Macquarie Capital (USA) Inc.
Ifeanyi Okonkwor, BASF 
Jeff Lacy, Trinity University
Marcos Villarreal, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Mike Alvarez, Shell Oil Company
Steve De Leon, Lockheed Martin, Retd.
Steve Gonzales, Vickrey & Associates, Inc.
Tamara Crawford, Lockheed Martin
Tramaine Chargois-Singleton, Halliburton

TAME Advisory Board

Annie Carter, Chevron Phillips, Retd.
Bridget Lauderdale, Lockheed Martin
Crespin Guzman, American Society of Civil Engineers
Pat Rossman, BASF
Stuart Mussler, ConocoPhillips
Trudy Sullivan, Raytheon


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