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When the world's future is threatened, it's Science Squad to the rescue!

Science Squad™ comic books are a great way to get younger students excited about science. Professionally produced and available in both English and Spanish, each book stars a team of five ethnically diverse TAME students who use their abilities in math and science to save the day.  Older kids will enjoy reading the story while younger kids color in the fun illustrations.

Science Squad™ comic books are available for sale at a cost of $2.50/copy (English or Spanish). Email us to place an order for your own students! 



 Issue 1: Energy

A monster named Blackout has stolen all of the town's energy. With the help of a time traveling professor (inspired by Dr. Price) and scientist Thomas Edison, the Science Squad of Aero, Eco, Morph, Quantum and T-Blaze use their knowledge of electricity to defeat Blackout and restore energy to the city.



comic sciencesquad thumbnail issue1english cover           comic sciencesquad thumbnail issue1spanish cover

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Issue 2: Robotics

A toxic dump threatens the town and a sinkhole traps our heroes’ friend Robby! Working together, the Science Squad team builds robots to rescue Robby and save the town.



comic sciencesquad thumbnail issue2english cover            comic sciencesquad thumbnail issue2spanish cover

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Issue 3: To Be Designed


Do you have an idea for the Science Squad's next adventure?  Email programs@tame.org to suggest a subject for the next issue!