Your STEM Competition prep game just got stronger.


If you and your students have spent any time preparing for the Divisional and State Competition math and science tests, chances are you’ve wished you had a real test or two to refer to. We’re happy to announce that your wish is granted! TAME is releasing the competition tests from the 2018 Divisional and State STEM Competitions. These are the real tests that students took while competing.

To find these official competition tests, as well as practice tests, just go to You’ll find three sets of tests: 2018 practice tests, 2018 official tests, and (coming soon), 2019 practice tests. And here’s a practice question: if each of these three sets contains eight tests (two each of Middle School Math, Middle School Science, High School Math, and High School Science, one set for Divisionals and one for State), how many times around did that sentence just make your head spin?

How is this possible? We listened to feedback from TAME Club Sponsors and switched to creating new practice and official tests each year. While these tests are certainly not easy, students will be better prepared with more practice.

Are you interested in conducting your own experiment with test prep? Many of our educators have been using an app called Kahoot! that lets people run game-like quizzes with smartphones. We've used the 2018 official tests to create a set of k logo purple Kahoot! quizzes to get you started:

stemc test kahoot state ms official math 2018 small

stemc test kahoot state ms official science 2018 small


stemc test kahoot state hs official math 2018 small


stemc test kahoot state hs official science 2018 small


You (or your students) can build your own Kahoot quizzes, and we’re encouraging Club Sponsors to use questions from the practice tests to populate a Kahoot quiz for gamified prep for STEM Competitions. Student-created Kahoot quizzes are a great opportunity for students to build leadership skills. See more ideas here: Kahoot! Turns Learners to Leaders with New In-App Quiz Creation.

If you share your Kahoot publicly, please tag it with #LonestarSTEM so other TAME Clubs can find them. Let us know if you use Kahoot—we’d love to share your successes with other TAME Clubs.

Finally, you can also find past Engineering Design Challenges listed on our Practice Test page. These are the real deal from our State STEM Competitions, were designed by real teams of engineers, and are mapped to TEKS.

Have fun preparing, and we’ll see you at the Competitions!



Every year, thousands of Texas students grades 6-12 come together at 14 Divisional STEM Competitions around the state to participate in a math test, science test, and a team Engineering Design Challenge where students become engineers for an afternoon.

Help your students compete for free at Divisionals! Register a TAME Club today:






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