"I want to be in NASA, preferably mission control."

That's what a 4th grader from Early, Texas, decided after the TAME Trailblazer visited her school. TAME programs don't just show kids the moon. We help kids, teachers, and communities to reach for the stars. TAME programs are designed to create a strong pipeline from kindergarten all the way to STEM careers:

pre-K–5th grade: The TAME Science Squad Comic Books are a great way to get younger children excited about science. Available in English and Spanish, these fun books showcase the adventures of five ethnically diverse TAME students who use their abilities in math and science to defeat the villain du jour.

3rd–8th grade: Research shows that the three most important factors in keeping middle school students engaged in STEM are access to hands-on activities, opportunities to interact with mentors, and field-trips. The TAME Trailblazers, unique interactive museums-on-wheels, travel to schools and communities across Texas to bring science to students.  The Trailblazers often anchor community events like Family STEM Events, where families learn about STEM education and career tracks, scholarships, and payscales and interact with local STEM professionals.  

6th–12th grade: TAME Clubs provide a supportive but challenging place to build math, science, and problem-solving skills and to connect to a network of peers, mentors, and future employers.

9th–12th grade: At the Divisional and State STEM Competitions, high-performing TAME Club students come together to compete and celebrate achievement in math, science, and engineering. Winners of the Divisional Competitions progress to the annual State Competition. TAME sponsors cover competition attendance for students and teachers, including transportation, food and lodging, and great giveaways and prizes.

Post-high school: As students go on to college, TAME provides assistance with scholarships for students pursing STEM. Our network of peers and mentors continue to provide invaluable guidance and encouragement to our students, many of whom are the first in their families to go to college.

Teachers: Thanks to our strong support from higher education institutions and industry, TAME is able to connect our K-12 teachers to cutting-edge professional development opportunities, a strong network for sharing ideas and concerns, and a wealth of teaching resources.

With the help of our great network of partners, sponsors, and volunteers, TAME programs spark kids' excitement about STEM, help teachers grow professionally, and invite everybody to think big.