Where has TAME taken you?

Like any non-profit organization, we're always asked to measure our success, and we collect a lot of data to make sure our programs are working. Our favorite measure of success, however, isn't our own:  it's yours. For over thirty years, students have participated in TAME clubs and gone on to become industry leaders, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and TAME board members.  Wherever you are, we'd love to hear from you -- and even brag about you on our website.

There are lots of great ways to reconnect with TAME:  mentor a TAME student, volunteer as an expert in a classroom, serve as a local chapter representative, or join one of our two social networking groups. Either way, we are glad to have you back!


TAME Ambassadors on Facebook Volunteer Opportunities Scholarships Internships and More

TAME Ambassadors: This Facebook group is designed to connect TAME's collegiate alumni with information about volunteer opportunities, exclusive scholarships, internships, and more. Learn more about how to apply.


TAME LinkedIn Alumni Network Professional Contacts

TAME Alumni Network: This LinkedIn Network is a career-launching platform for collegiate and professional alumni, with the goal of connecting our students with the movers and shakers in Texas STEM fields.  Learn more about how to apply.


It's an exciting time for STEM and for TAME. The TAME Board announced in early July that the tenure of our Executive Director Savita Raj had come to a close after ni...