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Program: STEM Competitions

Divisional STEM Competition

The 2018 Wichita Falls Divisional STEM Competition took place January 27, 2018, hosted at the Wichita Falls Career Education Center. See results.

Click here for a Facebook album of the 2017 STEM Competition.

How to sign up your students for a TAME Competition


To participate in TAME activities like Divisional Competitions, you need to be a member of a TAME Club. Our clubs are free and require only eight students, an Adult Sponsor, and regular meetings about STEM in person. 

IMPORTANT:  Membership with TAME is a two-part process. It begins with annual Club Registration. Once the Adult Sponsor registers the TAME Club for their school or organization, then the students in their club need to complete their Student Registration.
DEADLINE: If you are in grades 6-12 and want to participate in the Divisional or State STEM Competitions, the deadline to register Clubs and Students online is Wednesday, November 15th.

Students who do not register by the deadline are still welcome to register and participate in the activities hosted by their TAME Club. Graduating seniors must complete Student Registrations to apply for 2018 TAME Scholarships in the spring semester when they become available. 



Invitations to the State STEM Competition

Students must participate and qualify in a Divisional Competition to receive an invitation to the State Competition. Contact the Chapter leadership for more information.


Contact Information

Co-Chair, Denise Simmons, denise.simmons@mwsu.edu
, Marcie Williford, marcie.williford@alcoa.com
Treasurer, Jan Brink, jan.brink@mwsu.edu, (940) 397-4589

Chapter Mailing Address:

TAME Wichita Falls Chapter
P.O. Box 32
Wichita Falls, TX 76307