2019 TAME Corpus Christi STEM Competition Results


(Corpus Christi, TX) – The 2019 TAME Corpus Christi STEM Competition was hosted by Kaffie Middle School on February 2, 2019. The event, offered free of cost to participants, brought together student competitors (grades 6-12) from across the region. 

Texas students from grades 6-12 competed in individual math and science tests and as part of a team to solve an Engineering Design Challenge. Participants were sworn to secrecy about the Challenge – at least until March 3rd, when students across the state had their chance to try their skills solving the same problem. This year's challenge was developed by engineers from ConocoPhillips.

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing Texas students to join a strong and diverse STEM workforce. TAME programs encourage students to build skills and explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities, TAME Clubs, and statewide and divisional STEM Competitions.

The top six finishers in each test and the top three teams from the Engineering Design Challenge were recognized. Three teams also received a special Judges' Choice Award for creative problem solving. One student from each grade level was recognized as the Halliburton Ace Award Winner for the highest combined math and science score. 

Thanks to the support of TAME's 2019 Statewide STEM Competition sponsors ConocoPhillips and Halliburton, STEM Competitions across Texas are offered free of charge for all participants. We are especially grateful to TAME's 2019 Corpus Christi STEM Competition sponsor, Whataburger. TAME thanks our partners and our many dedicated volunteers for celebrating achievement in STEM and making learning fun and exciting for Texas students.

More information on TAME's STEM Competitions can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the leadership for the Corpus Christi Chapter.

Congratulations to all our hardworking competitors! 



If you're sharing photos of the event, please tag TAME using #LonestarSTEM.

Please consider sharing photos with the TAME State Office. We will feature selected pictures on the TAME Facebook page and with corporate and university partners who have ensured that the competition is offered free of cost to participants. You can email pictures to or upload them to Google Drive here.


stemcdiv 2019 0202 corpuschristi awards 7 edit

Photo of the First Place 6th Grade Science winners from the 2019 Corpus Christi Divisional STEM Competition.

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1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
6th GradeJeremiah GolaszewskiMatthew GonzalesAntonio AlvaradoAiden BerglundKelly Ramirez Zachary Smith
7th GradeHarrison NovakKensley DowellKamron RichardsMariella InfanteIsabella Sanchez Sophia Leal
8th GradeJayden ReneauDiego ElizondoNathan DeGregorio Elena PerezMadelyn BaldreePaige Labonte
9th GradeBrandon BarreraAidan Ross
10th GradeAnthony OdvinaHenry CrawleyAlexandro Morales
11th GradeSerena PerezJared OchoaLuis SolisSalvador LongoriaJose Saenz



1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
6th GradeKelly Ramirez Temoc ZamoraEmily Saenz Oscar ValdezPayton LoosemoreNathan Maldonado
7th GradeHarrison NovakRyan SibertMariella InfanteSophia LealKensley DowellAmadalyza Mears
8th GradeMadelyn BaldreeDiego ElizondoJoseph T. C. HollandJayden ReneauAllison BarreraElena Perez
9th GradeBrandon BarreraAidan Ross
10th GradeAlexandro MoralesAnthony OdvinaHenry Crawley
11th GradeSerena PerezJose SaenzJared OchoaSalvador LongoriaLuis Solis



Combined Score
6th GradeKelly Ramirez
7th GradeHarrison Novak
8th GradeDiego Elizondo
9th GradeBrandon Barrera
10th GradeAnthony Odvina
11th GradeSerena Perez




1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceJudges' Choice Judges' Choice Judges' Choice
Team 7Team 5Team 2Team 9Team 6Team 8
Amadalyza MearsAiden BerglundAidan RossCirilo EstradaAngel VelavasquezChase Alexander
Antonio AlvaradoAlexandro MoralesAllison BarreraKenzley DowellAnthony OdvinaIsabella Sanchez
Diego ElizondoElena PerezCole GarzaNathaniel DeGregorioOliva GomezJayden Reneau
Elianna RobledoLuis SolisEmily SaenzVihaan RajputOscar ValdezSuraj Runjabi
Henry CrawleyMariella InfanteJeremiah GolaszewkiZachary SmithRyan SibertTomas Lucio
Payton LoosemoreNathan MaldonadoTemoc ZamoraSalvador Longoria

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