2019 TAME Amarillo STEM Competition Results



(Amarillo, TX) – The 2019 TAME Amarillo STEM Competition was hosted at Amarillo High School, on Saturday March 2, 2019. The free event brought together student competitors from across the region. 

Texas students from grades 6-12 competed in individual math and science tests and as part of a team to solve an Engineering Design Challenge. Participants were sworn to secrecy about the Challenge – at least until March 3rd, when students across the state had their chance to try their skills solving the same problem. This year's challenge was developed by engineers from ConocoPhillips.

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing Texas students to join a strong and diverse STEM workforce. TAME programs encourage students to build skills and explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities, TAME Clubs, and statewide and divisional STEM Competitions.

The top six finishers in each test and the top three teams from the Engineering Design Challenge were recognized. Three teams also received a special Judges' Choice Award for creative problem solving. One student from each grade level was recognized as the Halliburton Ace Award Winner for the highest combined math and science score. 

Thanks to the support of TAME's 2019 Statewide STEM Competition sponsors ConocoPhillips and Halliburton, STEM Competitions across Texas are offered free of charge for all participants. TAME thanks our partners and our many dedicated volunteers for celebrating achievement in STEM and making learning fun and exciting for Texas students.

More information on TAME's STEM Competitions can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the leadership for the Amarillo Chapter.

Congratulations to all our hardworking competitors! 



If you're sharing photos of the event, please tag TAME using #LonestarSTEM.

Please consider sharing photos with the TAME State Office. We will feature selected pictures on the TAME Facebook page and with corporate and university partners who have ensured that the competition is offered free of cost to participants. You can email pictures to or upload them to Google Drive here.


stemcdiv 2019 0302 amarillo 22 edit

Photo of students competing in the Engineering Design Challenge, by Chantal Jones from the 2019 Amarillo Divisional STEM Competition.

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1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
6th GradeCase MoorhouseShayne NortonJacob PerryFinn ArcherAshtan BallewAmulya Tirumala
7th GradeAllison WuPranav NambiarEli BridgesGarrett SaiedNathaniel WrightSophia German-Kavle
8th GradeJeff ZhengCarter MorrisRaegan TuckerAditi NairMehtan RahmanGwyneth Shaddon
9th GradeOlivia ChenRohit SaralayaAditya SrikanthTimothy GrimesChloe MillerDylan Cortez
10th GradeEmerson ArcherAnanya BharadwajNoah MillerTitus ThompsonAdelynn AustinRushmita Devulapalli
11th GradeTroy SchoutenVishal ReddyZander CortezPranav YalamanchiliMakayla BeebeMinh Do
12th GradeSawyer ArcherAshli SauerBrette ClarkAlex WanSeema PatelCaden Blankenship



1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
6th GradeJacob PerryElizabeth MoodyFinn ArcherCase MoorhouseAlivia PhamAshtan Ballew
7th GradeAllison WuNathaniel WrightGarrett SaiedEli BridgesAvery MathersChristofer Gaspar
8th GradeJeff ZhengCooper ThomasCarter MorrisEthan WilcoxLukas SchniederjanRaegan Tucker
9th GradeOlivia ChenAditya SrikanthTimothy GrimesRohit SaralayaGabriela GracidaSonia Aldava
10th GradeHaydn DavisAnanya BharadwajEmerson ArcherNoah MillerTitus ThompsonRushmita Devulapalli
11th GradePranav YalamanchiliVishal ReddyTroy SchoutenMakayla BeebeZander CortezJessica Liu
12th GradeSawyer ArcherAlex WanAshli SauerCaden BlankenshipBrette ClarkSeema Patel



Combined Score
6th GradeJacob Perry
7th GradeAllison Wu
8th GradeJeff Zheng
9th GradeOlivia Chen
10th GradeEmerson Archer
11th GradeTroy Schouten
12th GradeSawyer Archer




1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceJudges' Choice
April ChavezAlex WanAbraham MichaelAmulya Tirumala
Case MoorhouseHaydn DavisAllison WuEthan Wilcox
Gwyneth ShaddonKeltan NorrisBrette ClarkJeff Zheng
Nathaniel WrightLorelai KreimanJessica LiuPranav Nambiar
Reddy PinreddyMakayla BeebeKaden HollowayRohit Saralaya
Suchith Chandan Yahaira CorralMadeline WrightTitus Thompson

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