2018 TAME Dallas STEM Competition Results


(Dallas, TX) – The 2018 TAME Dallas STEM Competition was hosted at Tarrant County College South Campus on Saturday February 10, 2018. The event, offered free of cost to participants, brought together more than 100 student competitors (grades 6-12) from across the region.

Students competed in individual math and science tests and as part of a team to solve an Engineering Design Challenge. This year's challenge was developed by engineers from Raytheon. The top six finishers in each test and the top three teams from the Engineering Design Challenge were recognized. Three teams also received a special Judges' Choice Award for creative problem solving. One student from each grade level was recognized as the Ace Award Winner for the highest combined math and science score.

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) is a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1976 that enables Texas students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). In addition to testing student knowledge of math and science concepts, the competition promotes teamwork, leadership, and academic achievement.

More information on TAME's STEM Competitions can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the leadership for the Dallas Chapter.

Congratulations to all our competitors! 


If you took photos at the event, please consider sharing pictures of the 2018 Divisional STEM Competitions with the TAME State Office. We will share selected pictures on the TAME Facebook page and with corporate and university partners who have ensured that the competition is offered free of cost to participants. You can email pictures to or upload them to Google Drive here.


STEMCDiv 2018 Dallas EDC 131

Photo from the 2018 Dallas Divisional STEM Competition.

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6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
1st PlaceAndrew CulbertsonKalyan AdhikariJoshua VelasquezCaleb SimmonsPriya MandavaJordan WolfeArlene Godfreey-Igwe
2nd PlaceHaynes WestKeely GarciaKelton GrayEthan RuizCarlos MedranoDewitt HunterAbdul Rafai
3rd PlaceHope LeeAndrea RuedasAshley FigueroaBrinlee DorseyFrancisco MarquezSubre MoktarD'Juan Taylor
4th PlaceKevin HernandezUlices SilvaAngeles JimenezAdriona TaylorIvan ReyesMelvin HernandezStacy Godfreey-Igwe
5th PlaceMatthew FerriterEmmanuel FriasLeslie DiazKevin BaylonMatthew CulbertsonLloyd TrimbleEdmond Anderson
6th PlaceJames BainJakob StahrfisherJaimie AlmarazMarco MedinaDaniela Tapia



6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
1st PlaceJames BainAndrea RuedasAshley FigueroaYadira RuedasPriya MandavaSubre MoktarBrisa Diaz
2nd PlaceAndrew CulbertsonKalyan AdhikariKelton GrayLisbet RomanCarlos MedranoMelvin HernandezD'Juan Taylor
3rd PlaceHope LeeKeely GarciaJoshua VelasquezCaleb SimmonsFrancisco MarquezDewitt HunterStacy Godfreey-Igwe
4th PlaceKevin HernandezUlices SilvaAngeles JimenezJakob StahrfisherIvan ReyesJordan WolfeArlene Godfreey-Igwe
5th PlaceCaleb JacksonEmmanuel FriasLeslie DiazBrinlee DorseyValentin TrujilloLloyd TrimbleEdmond Anderson
6th PlaceVictor GonalezEthan RuizOziel De La FuenteMarco MedinaDaniela Tapia



Combined Score
6th GradeAndrew Culbertson
7th GradeKalyan Adhikari
8th GradeJoshua Velasquez
9th GradeCaleb Simmons
10th GradePriya Mandava
11th GradeSubre Moktar
12th GradeArlene Godfreey-Igwe




1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceJudges' Choice Judges' Choice Judges' Choice
Team 14: BullseyeTeam 7: Operation 007Team 16: Aparatus 7000Team 10: Pink PipeTeam 9: The Flying ConeTeam 12: Waffles
Heidy SanchezAngeles JimenezCharlie Paxton RodenAdriona TaylorAbdul RafaiCatherine Pink
Jalyn FletcherEduardo ChavezEmmanuel FriasAnthony GalvanDaisy CastroLeslie Diaz
Laura ThompsonGerardo NajeraLisbet RomanBeh RehDaniela TapiaMatthew Ferriter
Ngun LenLisandro MartinPriya MandavaEthan RuizFrancisco MarquezMatthew Wade Smith
Stacy Godfreey-IgweMakadahley LehValentin TrujilloIvan ReyesJoshua VelasquezMichael Smith
Subre MoktarRobert MbelwaSae MehMeh MohVictor Gonalez

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