2016 TAME Gulf Coast STEM Competition Results

The 2016 TAME Dallas STEM Competition was hosted at Tarrant County College on Saturday February 6, 2016.  (Lake Jackson, TX) – The 2016 TAME Gulf Coast STEM Competition was sponsored by BASF and hosted at Brazosport College on Saturday February 6, 2016

(Lake Jackson, TX) – The 2016 TAME Gulf Coast STEM Competition was sponsored by BASF and hosted at Brazosport College on Saturday February 6, 2016. The event, held free of cost to participants, brought together 135 student competitors (grades 6-12) from across the region.

Students competed in individual math and science tests and were grouped into teams to participate in an Engineering Design Challenge. This year's challenge was developed by engineers from Boeing and Iridescent. The top six students from each test and the top three teams from the Engineering Design Challenge were recognized. Three teams also received a special Judges' Choice Award for creative problem solving.

The event received media coverage from the local newspaper, The Facts. “The one thing about being an engineer is that we have to work together,” said design judge and BASF Production Manager Lewis Holley. He helped judge the teams based on creativity, perseverance, teamwork and innovation. Holley said the four factors are important to keep aspiring engineers interested in this career path. “If you don’t get everybody engaged, they don’t want to stay involved and go down that path. If we can keep them at this age, they’ll go through the whole entire process.” Read the full article, BASF, Engineering Group Inspire Young Minds to Pursue Science.

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering
(TAME) is a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1976 that enables Texas students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). In addition to testing student knowledge of math and science concepts, the competition promotes teamwork, leadership, and academic achievement.

More information on TAME's STEM Competitions (formerly known as Math and Science Competitions) can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the leadership for the GC Houston Chapter.

Congratulations to all our competitors! 


Photographs have been posted to TAME's official Facebook page. Click here to view the full album.

Please consider sharing pictures of the 2016 Divisional STEM Competitions with the TAME State Office. We will share selected pictures on the TAME Facebook page and with corporate and university partners who have ensured that the competition is offered free of cost to participants.

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Subject1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
Middle School Math, Level 1Nathan LeHannah GhebreldRiddhi PatelEmily VicenteArianna MorrisMariana Torres
Middle School Math, Level 2Aliza Assad LatifChibueze OtiochaMarc RibesSerena Omie-AbbeyRick RamirezMiracle Ezeakachi
Middle School Math, Level 3Linh LyJudith PerinjelilVictor GarciaFahad QuaziAnosha DhakwalaPaul Otunbanjo
Algebra I, Middle SchoolAlex RibesHaani MirzaAbbas AbidiRebeca RodriguezJaquelyn FloresJenifer Sanchez
Algebra I, High SchoolMichael WileyMunachimso MetuNathaniel Peach-VanFossenLeslie Leanos
Geometry, Middle SchoolRahawa GhebreldGiscar ObamboMaryam AlghafirLinh TrinhWendy Lopez
Geometry, High SchoolApril BritoMiriam AlbertsAbdul-bari AgboolaOvais KhanDaniel GarzaJahya Lucas
Algebra IIBrian Phan-TranTerry NguyenKerwin RochezJanet SantacruzTereza AlvaradoYuri Aguilar
Pre-CalculusSurbi GuptaJasmine BurrellDaniel LeveronKevin ArguetaSergio ChavezCasey Quocanh Vu
CalculusEvan LuAmanda HuaDean ZhouJoseph EdwardsUvaldo MonsivaisLidia Serpas
StatisticsRafey MuhammedAmber Khan


Subject1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
6th Grade ScienceMarc RibesNathan LeAliza Assad LatifHannah GhebreldSerena Omie-AbbeyAntoainette Odonkor
7th Grade ScienceJairo ZelayaLinh LyRebeca RodriguezRocio ServellonRick RamirezPatrick Otaru
8th Grade ScienceMaryam AlghafirGiscar ObamboLinh TrinhRahawa GhebreldZoila MartinezAlex Ribes
IPCKyle Herzog
BiologyOvais KhanSofia SuarezBrian Phan-TranNicole CastanedaAbdul-bari AgboolaJoel Pacheco
AP BiologyAmber KhanAsia Sowel
ChemistryEvan LuMiriam AlbertsTerry NguyenMilagros Dos SantosEmuna IssakJoshua Rochez
AP ChemistryAmanda HuaJasmine BurrellLiliana Hernandez
PhysicsKevin ArguetaDaniel LeveronRafey MuhammedSurbi Gupta
AP PhysicsJoseph EdwardsDean ZhouCasey Quocanh Vu


1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceJudges' Choice Judges' Choice Judges' Choice
1004No CommentAlbatrossVetol White ShipRufflesGold Eagle
Diego VazquezBlessing AdebayoMiriam AlbertsCarnell SimmonsArianna MorrisAaron Lawani
Emily VicenteDaniel GarzaRenee L LovilleMarc RibesElisa MelaraDaniel Rodriguez
Giscar ObamboGerald BryantSerena Omie-AbbeyNicole CastanedaJairo ZelayaEdgar Nava
Kerwin RochezStephanie LopezSofia SuarezRafey MuhammedTory TateJonathan Gosser
Kyle HerzogXavier CarilloTerry NguyenRick RamirezTra My NguyenLeslie Leanos
Maryam Alghafir

By Lindsey Carmichael, February 10, 2016.
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