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TAME: Launching careers in STEM since 1976!

For over forty years, TAME has worked to encourage the participation of women and minorities in STEM careers through innovative, hands-on science programming for K-12 students across Texas.  Our strong network of K-12 educators, institutes of higher education, and industry partners helps us share ideas and concerns and to deliver targeted, relevant, and cutting-edge programming.  We offer age-specific programs to spark and support student interest in STEM; professional development and curriculum ideas for teachers; and locally relevant events to educate families and communities about opportunities in STEM.

TAME has a central office based in Austin and local chapters across Texas. Our small staff is supported by a strong board and volunteer network.  

TAME chapters correspond to the regions defined by the Texas Education Agency, and each chapter brings together volunteers from area schools, local colleges and universities, and corporate and business partners to support multiple TAME clubs in the region. With 13 chapters currently active, TAME is working toward a goal of 20 active chapters.

Regional representatives represent the interests of the TAME Chapters in each of our three regions (East, West, and Central).

The K-12 Special Interest Group represents K-12 educators from each TAME chapter.  This SIG gives us important feedback on TAME programs and resources and helps us refine our student recruitment and retention strategies.

The Higher Education Special Interest Group is made up of representatives from Texas universities.  This SIG supports TAME through grant partnerships, professional development for TAME teachers, campus visits & on-campus activities for students, and scholarships for TAME students and also assists with identifying TAME Alumni, identifying potential partners, providing in-kind and capital campaign support, and spreading the word about TAME!

TAME's Corporate Partners provide an industry perspective on STEM education, offer ongoing financial support and in-kind donations including locations for Math and Science competitions, and provide mentoring, internships, and employment opportunities for TAME students.