Travel to the ocean floor. Design a house on Mars. Find a cure for cancer. What will YOU do?

Some of the most exciting careers in the world are in science, math, and technology.  Computer scientists, researchers, and engineers are doing just about anything you can imagine: designing rollercoasters, exploring ways to cure disease, working to feed the world, and much more.  They work around the globe in laboratories, in observatories, on boats, on farms, and even in space!  Where will your career take you?

In TAME clubs across Texas, students like you are starting their exciting careers by exploring science and math. From exploding broccoli to hair-raising experiments with electricity, TAME clubs give you the chance to put your science and math skills to practical -- and wildly impractical -- use. Clubs are open to all Texas students in grades 6-12. If your school doesn't offer a TAME club, you can find or start a club in your area for free. Learn more here.

TAME Club and Student Registration for 2017-18 School Year

Membership with TAME is a two-part process. First the sponsor completes the annual Club Registration, then the students in their club will be able to complete their Student Registration.

DEADLINE: If you are in grades 6-12 and want to participate in the Divisional or State STEM Competitions, the deadline to register Clubs and Students online is Wednesday, November 15th.

Students will be able to register only after the Adult Sponsor registers the TAME Club.

Sign up here:

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TAME Student Resources


 Learn more about science, technology, and engineering on TAME's Play site, which features everything from games and jokes to 360° virtual reality videos so you can see yourself in a STEM career.

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