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For lemon batteries, magnetic slime, and more great ideas...

Whether you need instructions for growing stalagmites or information about STEM scholarships, visit the TAME Pinterest page.  TAME staff and teachers from across the state and beyond help to keep our Pinterest boards full of fresh, exciting material on a range of STEM-related topics for K-12 classrooms.  

Material is divided by subject type (math, science, engineering), by age group (K-5, middle school, high school), and/or by subject (scholarships, infographics, women in STEM).  

Do you have a link that you'd love to share with other classrooms? Please send it to us via Pinterest or at programs@tame.org


TAME Infographics

TAME has developed an infographic for teachers who are helping their students compete:

tameinfographic teachinghacks 7thingstosaywhenastudentwinsorloses cropped

Click here to see the full graphic:

TAMEInfographic TeachingHacks 7ThingsToSayWhenAStudentWinsOrLoses


For additional resources...

Visit IBM's TeachersTryScience for other ideas, curriculum, classroom management strategies, and more. To access TAME's account, contact programs@tame.org