Trailblazer II Volunteer Training


Thank you for volunteering with the Trailblazer mobile science museum.  

Volunteers are a very important part of the Trailblazer experience. Volunteers are positioned at each station in the Trailblazer and interact with the students during the tour. They will help with the demonstrations and provide students with information about the areas that they are exploring. Volunteers do not need to have any special experience or technical background. They can be parents, school staff/volunteers, high school or college students and employees of local businesses and sponsoring organizations.

All activities are easy to learn and TAME personnel will brief the volunteers prior to the tour and provide scripts containing suggested talking points. Volunteers will be standing throughout their shift, so please wear comfortable shoes. We also recommend wearing a shirt with the logo for your company or organization.


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• Volunteers need to arrive at the Trailblazer for training 40 minutes before students are scheduled to visit. 

• If there are not 5 volunteers, exhibits will be shut down.

• Multiple volunteer shifts can be set up as long as they overlap by 15 minutes so the earlier volunteers can train their replacements.

• Students cannot enter the Trailblazer until all volunteers are trained.



Trailblazer II Scripts:


tb volunteerscriptthumbnail aero 

pdf Aerodynamics Script

tb volunteerscriptthumbnail bio 

pdf Biotechnology Script

tb volunteerscriptthumbnail energy 

pdf Energy Script 


tb volunteerscriptthumbnail space 

pdf Space Script

tb volunteerscriptthumbnail weather

pdf Weather Script





Training Videos for Trailblazer II: 

These training videos are intended to help volunteers become familiar with the exhibits and what to say to students. Please do not share them with students.