Trailblazer Volunteer Guidelines & Training

Volunteers make it happen! 

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For Volunteers:

Volunteer docents on board the Trailblazer lead the learning and the fun.  We can't thank volunteers enough for sharing their energy and excitement- it truly makes the experience for these kids! Volunteers can be parents, school staff/volunteers, high school or college students and employees of local businesses and sponsoring organizations. 

Who: Anyone! No special skills or background are required to serve as a docent. 

Where: Trailblazer I or Trailblazer II 

What: Lead students through exhibits, in 6-12 minute intervals 

How: Follow a script with questions, facts and instructions to show students how to safely operate hands-on exhibits

Why: Inspire kids in your community and excite them about STEM opportunities


Trailblazer I Training Page

Trailblazer II Training Page



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     Docents will lead one of 5 stations:






     What to wear and bring:

      Please wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes. 

      If possible, please wear a shirt with your college or company logo. 

      Please check with the individual school for additional dress code requirements. 

      The Trailblazer is equipped with AC and heat, however, please take local weather into consideration. 

      Please check with your volunteer coordinator for details regarding meals and meal breaks.  

      Please try to bring as little extra with you as possible as space is limited.  

 What to expect: 

Volunteers will arrive 40 minutes before students for a hands-on exhibit orientation. 

Students will arrive with their class every 35-45 minutes, and will be divided into groups that rotate on a set schedule. 

Volunteers will be standing and talking throughout their shift, but will have the ability to lean on counters and take breaks. 

We can accommodate volunteers and visitors of all abilities- please feel free to request wheelchair access instructions in advance if you desire.   


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For Volunteer Coordinators: 

  • You need to provide a minimum of 5 volunteers. Volunteers need to arrive at the Trailblazer for training 40 minutes before students are scheduled to visit. Please adjust the start time to allow enough time for volunteers to check into the school office before reporting to the Trailblazer.

  • If there are not 6 volunteers, stations will be shut down.

  • You may have up to 2 shifts of volunteers, as long as the shifts overlap by 15 minutes while visitors are touring.  The first shift of volunteer will train the second shift of volunteer in-action. 

  • Please start early to recruit your volunteers. They are essential to the program. Please stress to your volunteers the importance of arriving on time to the Trailblazer for training. Students cannot enter the Trailblazer until all volunteers are trained.

  • Training videos are intended to help your volunteers become familiar with the exhibits and what to say to students. Please do not share them with students.


Trailblazer I Scripts:








Trailblazer II Scripts: