Summer STEM excitement is headed to the library!

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The 2019 Science Rocks! Trailblazer Summer Library Tour is kicking off soon! 

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) is pleased to offer free Trailblazer visits to a limited number of selected libraries across Texas. The Trailblazers, 40ft mobile STEM museums packed with thrilling hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math exhibits, will visit selected libraries for four-hour morning events this summer (May 29-August 10). The Trailblazers have been a successful part of summer reading programs across Texas for the past six years.

Last summer, libraries who hosted the Trailblazer saw on average more than double the typical number of patrons visit the library to see the museum-on-wheels. Additionally, 100% of the libraries who received this grant reported that it was a success and that they would recommend the visit to others.

“The best moment was when one of our regular visitors came and visited. They were surprised by how much science and STEM related information had advanced! All of the kids I spoke with after thought it was the coolest event that they had attended this summer. Thank you all so much for providing this amazing opportunity!” - Librarian, River Oaks Public Library after Trailblazer visit summer 2017 

For Selected Libraries 

Coordinator Checklist

  • Please review the Trailblazer Visit Agreement Information Packet : pdfTrailblazer Visit Agreement - Science Rocks! 2019

  • Review Trailblazer Visit Acceptance Agreement Packet by Friday, May 17, 2019

  • Complete Parking and Contact Reservation Form by Friday, May 17, 2019

  • Email a marked map to by Friday, May 17 2019

  • Submit a Volunteer Information form at least 3 weeks before your event 

  • If you decide to have pre-scheduled groups, submit an event schedule 2 weeks before your event

Volunteer Recruitment Tools

Start early! Volunteer recruitment takes time, and is the most important duty of the library. These are available for you to download, edit, and print the documents below to create fliers to recruit your volunteers.  

Here's a great video to show volunteers what it is like on board the Trailblazer.

YouTube Video - Why Volunteer in the Trailblazer Mobile STEM Museum 

pdfVolunteer Recruitment Tips

docxVolunteer Recruitment - Editable Flier


Getting the word out about your event

Below is a press release and media guide to send to local media outlets, an editable poster you can print and distribute, a document with sample text you can use on social media to get the word out about your event, as well as cute social-media ready images for you to share.  Please be sure to tag Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering, and please use our hashtag, #DrivingSTEM so we can support your efforts! 

Press Release (to edit)docxPress Release (to edit)

Media GuidepdfMedia Guide

Social Media Photos can be found and downloaded from the shared photo album: 

Poster TemplatedocxPoster Template (to edit)


We love photos, videos, and stories! 

Please share all videos, photos, and stories with

Be sure to tag Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering and hashtag #DrivingSTEM 


 Questions? Please contact Emily Mitis, Trailblazer Program Coordinator at or 512-471-6100.


Applications have Closed for 2019

Who do we select? 
Libraries serving towns with populations of less than 12,000 are eligible and encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to libraries that are:

  • Clustered together geographically (the more efficient the route, the more libraries we can visit) (Groups of 5 are best!) 
  • Able to host the Trailblazer during morning hours, and
  • First-time or second-time hosts for the Trailblazer

When will the events take place?
Library visits will be scheduled between May 29 and August 10, 2019. Each visit will be a maximum of 4 hours in duration, primarily in the morning hours.  

What does the library need to provide?
Selected libraries will be required to assign a librarian or other responsible staff member to serve as the liaison who will work closely with the TAME Trailblazer Program Coordinator on the logistics of the event.

The liaison will be responsible for:

  • Communicating the event schedule and parking location with the TAME Program Coordinator
  • Recruiting 6 volunteers to serve as docents and provide their schedule. Docents will receive training just before the event, and are required to be present when the Trailblazer is open to visitors
  • Provide lunch for the TAME Trailblazer Facilitator on the day of the visit
  • Complete an event report via a brief online form. The report, which will provide feedback on the library’s experience with the Trailblazer, can include anecdotes from patrons, feedback from volunteers, pictures of the day, and anything else you would like to share!

When was the deadline to apply?

Applications are now closed. All applications for the 2019 tour were due April 29, 2019.  To be considered for potential grants for 2020 and beyond, please contact or 512-471-6100.




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