Trailblazer Makes Front-Page News

Trailblazer Makes Front-Page News
TAME's Trailblazer II mobile science museum made front-page news in the Sunday edition of the Polk County Enterprise. "SCIENCE ROCKS" reads the headline, beneath a photo of three students grinning as they interact with the Van de Graaff Generator exhibit. Volunteers like Patricia Snook of the Livingston Municipal Library help the students connect with the hands-on exhibits, and are a critical part of the program's success. 

We are grateful to the sponsors of this visit, The Brown Foundation, Inc. and T.L.L. Temple Foundation for sparking students' excitement in science. 

To learn more about how to schedule a "field trip in a box" for your very own school or community, please visit TAME's Trailblazer page or contact the TAME State Headquarters.

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