Hurricane Relief for TAME Students


About 500 TAME students in the Gulf Coast and Golden Triangle Chapters have been directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Several of our students are dealing with the second flood of the school year. About 20-25 teachers in the GC TAME Chapter are also displaced and currently in shelters.

Many of the traditional disaster recovery services are focused on providing immediate support to these students and their families. While many of us are supporting this effort personally, as an organization, TAME would like to provide school supplies and classroom supplies to our extended TAME family.

Amazon e-gift cards mailing address –

TAME Donation Page (for cash contributions to support this effort) –

Amazon shopping list for GC TAME Students --

Help support TAME students as they restart their school year. Please share this request within your social media networks and within your companies. If employee groups and other networks help with just a few of the items on these lists, we will be able to get the affected students off to a good start. Our thoughts, best wishes and prayers are also with TAME Board and Advisory Board members who have been evacuated, and otherwise displaced by the flood.

As always, thank you for your support.

With regards,
Savita Raj
TAME Executive Director

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