How does a sleeping bag... help Texas students see the future?


Help Texas students sleep well and dream big—donate by midnight on January 31st at

"If you’re a STEM person, everything you love is here. You get to take tests and meet people who have the same interests as you. You get to see what you’re going to be like. When we meet engineers, it gives us ideas of what we want to do and which way we’re going to go." - Isabella S., TAME State STEM participant from Amarillo, Texas

When we ask TAME students about their favorite part of the STEM Competition, we get a lot of great answers. Kids love the challenge and the camaraderie; teachers love the sense of pride that their school and community feel when they send kids to participate. But our favorite response yet was just three words. We asked one student about her favorite part of the Competition, and she said: "Seeing my future."

When TAME students collaborate on an engineering design challenge, they’re not thinking about gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic differences. They’re thinking about how to focus a laser beam, how to maximize wing span, or whether a spitball can qualify as an air-powered vehicle. They’re thinking like engineers.

Our mission is to keep Texas students focused on the big picture. Every year, the State STEM Competition brings students from across Texas together to celebrate academic achievement. The Engineering Design Challenges and math and science tests build confidence, teach teamwork, and connect students to a supportive peer group.

Thanks to the support of donors like you, TAME is able to offer the State STEM Competition (and all of our programs) completely free of charge to participants.

Many of the students we reach come from families and communities with limited resources. We make sure that teachers from Amarillo to the Valley have the buses and the fuel they need to get students to State. We stock up on paper, tape, laser beams, and pizza. And because we know that not all of our students can afford to bring their own, we provide every kid who comes to State with a sleeping bag.

Your donation at any amount makes a big difference:

Entire Camp ($6,000): 300 sleeping bags
One Lodge ($1,200): 60 sleeping bags
One Cabin ($400): 20 sleeping bags
One Student ($20): 1 sleeping bag

When you donate to TAME at, you help Texas students to sleep well and dream big.

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