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"What makes TAME special is that they reached out to us. Also, it was free to go to the competitions. A lot of kids wouldn't have been able to afford to go to something like that, but it was free. TAME... helped us see that engineering and science are good fields to go into, they showed us that it's attainable, and they showed us a way to get there." 

     -- Rachel R., Biochemistry major and TAME scholar



Your contributions help keep TAME programs free for thousands of students every year.  Donations keep our Trailblazers rolling across Texas, bring students and teachers to the annual STEM Competition (and provide the pizza), connect STEM teachers to training and resources, and much more.  There are lots of ways you can help.  We welcome individual and corporate sponsorships, or both at once. Many large companies will match employee donations. We also love calculators, train whistles, robotics kits and other inspiring STEM toys -- especially in bundles of 350!

Click here to make a donation through PayPal or mail an old-fashioned (and much appreciated!) check to:

10100 Burnet Road, R9200
Building 16, Room 10
Austin, TX 78758

Questions? Contact the TAME State Office.

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You can help launch the next generation of STEM professionals! 

We are thrilled to be able to count on the support of many dedicated individuals and businesses across Texas.  Your donations help keep our programs free of charge and ensure that all students, from all backgrounds, have the opportunity to explore the exciting world of STEM. From volunteering in the classroom to serving on the TAME board, we have lots of opportunities for you to participate in innovative science education across Texas.

We'll take brainy or brawny.

Well, maybe we do prefer brainy, but no matter what your skill set, we're always happy to hear from new volunteers! To find specific opportunities in your area, take a look on your local chapter page. Across the state, we welcome volunteers to:

• Serve on your local Chapter committee
• Serve as a professional role model, especially for female and minority students
• Mentor a student from a local TAME Club
• Organize a STEM career day in your area
• Help TAME identify potential partnerships
• Volunteer at Trailblazer visits
• Invent and present Engineering Design Challenges for students at the Math & Science Competition
• Recommend TAME students for scholarships
• Spread the word about TAME!