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Program: STEM Competitions

Divisional STEM Competition

The 2019 San Antonio Divisional STEM Competition is scheduled for Saturday, January 19, 2019, hosted at St. Philip's College, MLK Campus.

To participate, students must be active members of a TAME Club and have submitted a TAME Student Registration online or a paper copy (PDF registration form) to their Club Sponsor. (See more here.)


Invitations to the State STEM Competition

Students must participate and qualify in a Divisional Competition to receive an invitation to the State Competition. Contact the Chapter leadership for more information.


Past Divisional STEM Competitions


EventDate LocationResultsPhotos
2019 San Antonio Divisional STEM CompetitionScheduled for Saturday, January 19, 2019Hosted at St. Philip's College MLK Campus 
2018 San Antonio Divisional STEM CompetitionMarch 3, 2018Hosted at St. Philip's College MLK Campus ResultsFacebook Album
2017 San Antonio Divisional STEM CompetitionFebruary 25, 2017Hosted at St. Philip's College MLK Campus​ Results
2016 San Antonio Divisional STEM CompetitionFebruary 26, 2016Hosted at St. Philip's College, Southwest CampusResultsFacebook Album
2015 San Antonio Divisional Math and Science CompetitionMarch 2, 2015Hosted at St. Philip's CollegeUnavailable
TAME Chapters have been hosting competitions since the mid-1980s and other events since 1976.
For records and photographs prior to 2015, please contact the TAME State Office.



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