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"To say that our 200+ fifth graders here at E. S. Richardson Elementary enjoyed the TAME mobile science lab would be an understatement. What a wonderful concept, a traveling field trip that comes to us. The benefits our children received are just too numerous to list, but the exposure to so many science concepts that were hands on made their time out of the classroom worthwhile. Anyone within a mile of our school probably wondered 'what in the world was going on.' Fun and excitement and all about science. Thank you again."

-- Ms. Oreata M. Banks and the Richardson students & staff

 "We especially appreciate the opportunity afforded to our students... Students were able to hear their heart beat for the first time... The electricity generator exhibit was very relevant to their current topic in class, namely energy transformation and forms of energy."

-- Ms. O'Dell Thomas, Principal, Young Women's College Prep Academy

"Supporting this just started as an opportunity for me to get out of the box, however, it was much more than I expected. The trailer that you all are using was really well done (quality work), and a very comfortable environment for handling so many kids and adults. All of the stations were fully functional and interesting in terms of relevant/current technological interests. Mr. Willis was great to talk with; he’s very knowledgeable and made every one of us feel comfortable in presenting the stations. I was really proud to be a part of the TAME effort; to encourage kids when they’re young – possibly being part of a memory that influenced their moving along in a good direction."

     -- John Lumpkin, Boeing employee who volunteered as a Trailblazer docent

“The Trailblazer was a breath of fresh air.  We get so bogged down with teaching them to test that we miss the innovative hands-on-activities that make learning fun.  This event was a great way for the students to see there are so many jobs out there that involve different aspects of study, but that these jobs are very interesting so it makes the student think outside the box.”

     --6th Grade Math Teacher, 2017 Trailblazer Visit

"The event was fantastic! From start to finish, it was a quality production, and I am SO glad we were able to offer this to our community. As they were coming out of the exhibit, I heard several kids discussing how cool it was. It is always heartwarming when kids spontaneously promote events to other kids. That’s when you KNOW it was a success! Thanks SO much to TAME and to all the underwriters. This is such a worthwhile investment!"

-- Librarian, from the Science Rocks! event


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