Reaching potential where it lives

TAME’s traveling STEM-museum-on-wheels invites everyone to get excited about the world around us, from outer space to inside our bodies! The Trailblazer program reaches potential where it lives, bringing interactive exhibits on energy, space, biotech, weather, and aerodynamics to communities across Texas. What’s more, students visiting the Trailblazer are stepping into a network that is designed to support them as they advance - from after-school TAME Clubs to STEM Competitions, and on to college scholarships and mentoring. Step on board and see where the Trailblazer takes your students!

What can you expect from a Trailblazer visit?

  • A boost for your STEM curriculum: the Trailblazer’s engaging, hands-on exhibits are mapped to TEKS for grades 3-8. Teachers receive pre-visit activities and follow-up materials, including lesson plans and curriculum.
  • Room for the whole class (or the whole family!): The Trailblazer is a 40-foot trailer that can accommodate 30 visitors at a time, 35-45 minutes per group, about 200 students per day.
  • STEM excitement, delivered: A TAME Facilitator delivers the Trailblazer to your location, trains volunteers, and manages the Trailblazer experience at your location.
  • A fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity: Recruit six volunteers (minimum age – 9th grade) to serve as docents. We’ll provide the training. No special experience is necessary.
  • A great reason to throw a party: Ask us how one of our Trailblazers can anchor your Family STEM Event!

"On behalf of our faculty and students I would like to thank you and the members of your organization for the Trailblazer visit... Our students had a blast!!! I am confident that the exhibit was a powerful tool in making our students aware of the importance of engineering and its practical applications. It’s always good for students to realize how cool science actually is."

     -- Gene Beyer, Science Coordinator, McMullen County ISD

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Exhibits are mapped to science TEKS for grades 3rd-8th, and teachers receive pre-visit activities and follow-up materials to sustain student interest long after the Trailblazer drives off campus. Each Trailblazer, housed in a 40-foot trailer can accommodate 30 students at a time. Students take at least 35-45 minutes per group, and about 200 students can visit each trailer per day. The hosting organization provides a minimum of five volunteers. A TAME Trailblazer Facilitator delivers the Trailblazer and trains volunteers. Educators are provided with follow-up materials. 

pdfTAME Trailblazer Program Overview

pdfTrailblazer Program Requirements

For scheduling and cost information, please contact the Trailblazer Program Coordinator at or at (512) 471 6100.  Please provide the location of your school or event and the requested time frame, if available.  

TAME's Trailblazer I mobile science museum races across Texas to deliver hair-raising experiences in science!

Materials for Summer Library Visits 

For libraries experiencing the Trailblazer this summer, please click here for supporting materials.  


 Follow-up Materials for Home and Classroom 

TAME provides host schools, libraries, and organizations with digital follow-up curriculum for educators to use in the classroom. In 2016, TAME received funding from partner Shell Oil Company to provide take-home bookmarks for students to share with friends and family. Each bookmark corresponds to one of the five different concept areas (Aerodynamics, Biotechnology/Medicine, Energy, Space, and Weather), highlights a STEM career, and shares a simple hands-on science activity to try at home.

Students are also encouraged to visit to explore in-depth science, play STEM games, view immersive 360° Virtual Reality videos, try engineering projects, and learn more about the Grand Challenges of engineering that humanity will face in the next 100 years. 

Visit to explore in-depth science, play STEM games, view immersive 360° Virtual Reality videos, try engineering projects, and learn more about the Grand Challenges of engineering that humanity will face in the next 100 years.

STEM Concepts and Exhibits 

TAME works hard to keep both Trailblazer mobile STEM museums up-to-date. We focus on exhibits that feature hands-on science and provide scripts to help volunteers talk with students about career opportunities. The exhibits are sorted into five different concept areas: Aerodynamics, Biotechnology/Medicine, Energy, Space, and Weather.


trailblazermuseumdisplays tame weather tornadotube

Click below for more information on some of our past and present exhibits that make a Trailblazer visit an experience to remember.

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Downloadable Materials

Download an overview and a customizable poster to help advertise Trailblazer visits which are open to the public: 

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pdfTAME Trailblazer Overview 
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pdfTAME Trailblazer Public Event Poster

For more information about our past or future Trailblazer visits, or to learn more about how you can help sponsor visits and Family STEM Events, please contact our TAME State Office.