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"I really enjoyed the team design challenge. It was a great level of difficulty and required us to really have to work together. It was also a great way to meet other students from different areas that were a variety of ages." - TAME Senior, State STEM Competition

Every year, TAME brings together students to compete and celebrate achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). During a STEM Competition, students participate in both a math and a science test, and then team up in different engineering roles to solve real-world problems in a timed Engineering Design Challenge.

TAME Chapters across the state host Divisional STEM Competitions in winter. Out of those participants, 300 high achieving students from Divisionals are eligible to receive an invitation to the State STEM Competition in spring.




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    Ideas in Orbit at 2018 STEM Competition

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    2017 State STEM Competition Highlights

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    2017 Lubbock Divisional STEM Competition

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    What happens at a STEM Competition? IDEAS START FLYING.

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    2015 State Competition Highlights

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    2014 State Competition

The 32nd annual TAME State STEM Competition was sponsored by Boeing and hosted by CPS Energy in downtown San Antonio on Saturday, April 8, 2017.
Ready to see your ideas take flight? Team up for the STEM Competition. Every year, students travel from all over Texas to take part. It's a chance to test your skills, work on a team of engineers, and make new friends. Join a TAME Club to sign up! The deadline to register is November 16th, 2016. Learn more at http://www.tame.org/clubs
The 30th Annual TAME State Math & Science Competition was held at the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics campus on Saturday, May 2nd 2015. The event, offered free of cost to participants, brought together 294 high-achieving students from across Texas. TAME students from grades 6-12 qualified to attend the state competition at Divisional events hosted by the Chapters. For more on competitions, visit: http://www.tame.org/programs/math-science-competitions Students competed in individual, timed math and science tests and in teams for an engineering design challenge. The top five students in each test received awards. The top five teams in the engineering design challenge were also recognized. In addition, three teams received special awards for design, creativity and teamwork. Host and Presenting Sponsor Lockheed Martin Aeronautics honored the team with the most innovative solution with a special award inspired by the National Aeronautics Association’s Collier Trophy. All winners were honored with trophies or medals and all participants received a variety of door prizes and giveaways thanks to generous sponsorships. Video shared with full permission of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, all rights reserved. For more information, visit: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/aeronautics.html





Remember, only students active in registered TAME clubs are eligible to compete. Don't miss out on the fun! Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. Sign up here.



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For more information about our past or future STEM Competitions, or to learn more about how you can help make sure the competitions stay free for all participants, please contact our TAME State Office. Admin.