TAME Testimonials

"To me TAME was more than just an out of school program. They helped keep my head in the books and my sights on the path to success. They helped feed my interest in math and science and introduced me to the many fields of engineering. In December 2005 I achieved a dream by becoming the first in my family of six children to graduate from college with not only a Bachelor's degree, but a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering.  At commencement, when the President of the University recognized my achievements, I made it a point to stress that my achievement began with TAME. TAME taught me that even though I am a woman of Latin descent and classified as a minority, there is nothing that I cannot achieve. TAME was a blessing in my life."

     -- Midland Chapter Alumna

"TAME allowed me to explore the STEM fields, and have causal fun with math and science. I looked forward to competitions because I loved seeing new ideas and innovations come from peers, and adults. TAME helped me explore my interest in science, which led to my decision to work in medicine. TAME helped me solidify my desire to be a Physician Assistant, because I enjoyed group collaboration, during group projects, and realized I always tend to score higher in science."

     -- Texas A&M Student, TAME Scholar

"To say that our 200+ fifth graders here at E. S. Richardson Elementary enjoyed the TAME mobile science lab would be an understatement. What a wonderful concept, a traveling field trip that comes to us. The benefits our children received are just too numerous to list, but the exposure to so many science concepts that were hands on made their time out of the classroom worthwhile. Anyone within a mile of our school probably wondered 'what in the world was going on.' Fun and excitement and all about science. Thank you again."

     -- Oreata M. Banks and the Richardson students & staff


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