Abilene Chapter

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Program: STEM Competitions

Divisional STEM Competition

Abilene does not plan to host a Divisional STEM Competition in the near future. Registered TAME Students from this Chapter may contact leadership from nearby chapters to participate. 

 To participate, students must be active members of a TAME Club and have submitted a TAME Student Registration online or a paper copy (PDF registration form) to their Club Sponsor. (See more here.)


Invitations to the State STEM Competition

Students must participate and qualify in a Divisional Competition to receive an invitation to the State Competition. Contact the Chapter leadership for more information.




We are currently looking for local educators and administrators interested in volunteering in leadership positions in this area. Please contact us at programs@tame.org if you know someone for this role.

Chapter Mailing Address:

10100 Burnet Road, R9200
Austin, TX 78758