The Trailblazers are 40-foot exhibit trailers that house a variety of engineering and science exhibits targeted at students in grades 3 to 8. The Trailblazers are the only interactive science and engineering museums-on-wheels in Texas. As they travel across the state, the Trailblazer engages students, teachers and parents through hands-on activities and exhibits that highlight fundamental concepts in science and engineering.

Trained volunteers provide explanations and demonstrations of all the exhibits. Since all the exhibits are mapped to specific science TEKS for grades 3 to 8, teachers can easily incorporate the exhibits into their lesson plans and provide students with an opportunity to go on an in-school field trip. Take-away material is provided for both teachers and students to sustain student interest in science and engineering after the Trailblazer visits.

To get information about scheduling and usage fees for a Trailblazer visit, please e-mail the Trailblazer Program Coordinator.