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TAME Practice Tests & Engineering Design Challenges

TAME appreciates the value of hard work and practice in success. To help our students better prepare for our annual STEM Competitions, TAME provides practice tests, past Engineering Design Challenges, Engineering Adventure activities, and advice on competing like a scientist



pdfTAME 6th Grade Practice Test
pdfTAME 7th Grade Practice Test
pdfTAME 8th Grade Practice Test
pdfTAME 9th Grade Practice Test
pdfTAME 10th Grade Practice Test
pdfTAME 11th Grade Practice Test
pdfTAME 12th Grade Practice Test




Wrap A Fuselage Engineering Design Challenge

TAME Engineering Design Challenge - Wrap A Fuselage, from the 2016 State STEM Competition


MSCState 2015 0502 LockheedMartin DesignChallenge EthanGarciaDeterminedFaceLaunchingBlimp

TAME Engineering Design Challenge - Jet Powered Blimp, from the 2015 State Math and Science Competition


engineeringadventure 2015 11 stuntplanehorizontal

TAME Engineering Design Challenge - Stunt Planefrom the 2014 State Math and Science Competition


marsroverengineeringadventure horizontal

TAME Engineering Design Challenge - Mars Roverfrom the 2013 State Math and Science Competition


engineeringadventure 102015 crane horizontal

TAME Engineering Design Challenge - Aggie Crane Challenge, from the 2012 State Math and Science Competition



For our regular Engineering Adventures, TAME selects two similar engineering activities and combines them into a blog post. Usually the activities will be divided into Middle School and High School based on complexity. When an official TAME Engineering Design Challenge from a past competition is posted, the simpler activity is usually presented as a warm-up. 

The goal is to help you challenge students with hands-on learning. We provide bonus ideas, interesting videos to spark imagination and conversation, and map each activity to TEKS.

Launch your adventures here: Engineering Adventures



For over forty years, students have returned to TAME Competitions to build on what they’ve learned from past years.  How do you talk to your students about winning and losing? We have seven recommendations that draw from the Scientific Method and research on growth mindsets.

Read the article: Compete Like a Scientist: How to Talk to Your Students About Winning and Losing

View the infographic:  TAME Infographic Teaching Hacks 7 Things to Say When Students Win or Lose 


TAME appreciates the value of hard work and practice in success. We provide past Engineering Design Challenges and practice tests for the Math and Science portions of our STEM Competitions.

Due to recent changes to the TEKS and limited resources, some of these tests may need updates. Please contact the TAME State Headquarters to volunteer in updating these practice tests.