TAME Club Registration is open all year round. Student Registration will open in August and close in November. Please check back for updates.




FREE RESOURCES: Take your students on a field trip to the future. Add a biochemist to your contacts.

These free resources are designed to help make it easier than ever to inspire your students. Get organized, get excited, and get your students into STEM! 

TAME Trailblazer Club Recruitment Poster for the 2016-2017 School Year

pdfTrailblazer Club Recruitment Poster

Designed to print well in both color 
and black and white, these customizable
posters will help you recruit students.
(We recommend you use a browser
such as Chrome or download it to fill
out in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
Click here to download Adobe Reader.)

TAME Club Information on What's Next for My Club

pdfWhat's Next for My Club

What comes next after you register
a TAME Club? Follow this checklist
to make sure you don't miss out!

TAME Club Resources

pdfCurated Club Resources

Our curated Club Resources will 
help you 
collect ideas to inspire
and challenge your students, like 
stomp rockets, paper ziplines,
egg drops, whirligigs, and more!

Overview of TAME Programs, many of which are available exclusively to registered TAME Clubs.

pdfPrograms Overview

What else does TAME offer?  
From Science Squad Comics to
Professional Development for
teachers, TAME programs are
here to help you inspire students.

TAME Club Overview

pdfClub Overview

How does our school benefit from
a TAME Club? This Overview is
helpful for administrators and
teachers to understand TAME
Club benefits.

TAME Club Registration Form for 2015-16 School Year - Backup form in case <a href= 

Backup Club Registration Form

*PLEASE NOTE, this form serves as 
a backup for our online registration.
We prefer you register online.