TAME Student STEM Clubs

Travel to the ocean floor. Design a house on Mars. Find a cure for cancer. What will YOU do?

Some of the most exciting careers in the world are in science, technology, engineering, and math. Computer scientists, researchers, and engineers are doing just about anything you can imagine: designing roller-coasters, exploring ways to cure disease, working to feed the world, and much more.

In TAME Clubs across Texas, students like you are starting their exciting careers by exploring math, science, engineering and computer science. Students enrolled in TAME Clubs compete in TAME's Divisional and State STEM Competitions and other events including FIRST Robotics, BEST Robotics, Vex, Future City, Code Wars and Rocketry. Your time with a TAME Club is just the beginning.


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What is a TAME Club?

A TAME Club is an enrichment program that offers activities and curriculum to support students interested in exploring STEM under the guidance of adult sponsors and student leaders.

TAME clubs are typically sponsored by teachers or community partners and are usually hosted on a school campus. Clubs meet regularly and program activities are designed to increase student skills, awareness of STEM careers and access to role models. TAME volunteers from local universities and corporations support the clubs and serve as role models. Participants compete in the TAME's exclusive Divisional and State STEM Competitions (students must be active members of a registered TAME Club to compete) and are eligible to apply for TAME scholarships.

What are the benefits of joining or starting a TAME Club?

Once registered, teachers and student members have access to:

What are the requirements to start a TAME Club?

TAME Clubs must:

  • Have an adult sponsor (student leaders are optional)
  • Have at least eight registered students
  • Include students in grades K-12
  • Have regularly scheduled meetings in person related to STEM subjects
  • Register annually to renew membership 


Who can join?

TAME Clubs are inclusive to all students who want to join. Because part of TAME's mission is to promote diversity in STEM careers, we focus recruitment on young women and under-represented minority populations. However, we welcome any student who wants to pursue their interest in STEM. Also, our Club membership is not limited to students in public school; we welcome home schooling networks, community groups, and more.

What's the best way to recruit new club members?

TAME offers posters that you can download and customize. They are designed to print well in both color and black and white so you can copy them easily and post around schools, libraries, and community centers. (We recommend you use a browser such as Chrome or download it to fill out in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Click here to download Adobe Reader.)

TAME Trailblazer Club Recruitment Poster for the 2016-2017 School Year

pdfTrailblazer Club Recruitment Poster

I am already in a STEM / Robotics / Rocketry Club. Can I still get involved?

As long as a group meets our requirements, they are eligible to register as a TAME Club and compete in our Competitions.

What does it cost?

TAME Clubs are free to students, parents, and teachers. Learn more about what you can do to ensure our programs remain free for generations to come.

When can I sign up? Is there a deadline?

To participate in TAME activities like STEM Competitions, you need to be a member of a TAME Club. Our clubs are free and require only eight students, an Adult Sponsor, and regular meetings about STEM in person. 

Club Registration is open all year round here. Student Registration will open in August and close in November. Please check back for updates.