No easy answers – but 3 big new experiments!



What's the most important part of engineering?

It just might be asking questions. This year, as always, we asked our teachers, volunteers, and board members to give us feedback on TAME programs. We received 76 impassioned responses to the end of year survey, and the message is clear: TAME programs are working, but we need to make some refinements.

Here’s what we took away from 76 responses: first, how can we keep the State STEM Competitions going? Second, what test structure will be most effective for the Divisional and State STEM Competitions? And third, how can we make sure that TAME programs focus most on underserved students, even as we welcome all interested students to participate?

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Hurricane Relief for TAME Students


About 500 TAME students in the Gulf Coast and Golden Triangle Chapters have been directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Several of our students are dealing with the second flood of the school year. About 20-25 teachers in the GC TAME Chapter are also displaced and currently in shelters.

Many of the traditional disaster recovery services are focused on providing immediate support to these students and their families. While many of us are supporting this effort personally, as an organization, TAME would like to provide school supplies and classroom supplies to our extended TAME family.

Amazon e-gift cards mailing address –

TAME Donation Page (for cash contributions to support this effort) –

Amazon shopping list for GC TAME Students --

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Texas Students Win Big at STEM Competition

 stemcstate 2017 0408 lavillita collagethreemusketeers
Students from Engineering Design Challenge Team 33, "Three Musketeers," won the Special Award for Creativity at the 2017 State STEM Competition in San Antonio, Texas. The six team members represented six different TAME Chapters: Amarillo, Dallas, East Texas, Gulf Coast (Houston), Lubbock, and Wichita Falls. In alphabetical order: Andrea Ruedas, Markalen Watson, Joseph Nagera, Ashley Evans, Gabriela Garcia, and Jann Cabudoy. 

La Villita Historic District Welcomes Wind Turbines (Temporarily)


(San Antonio, TX) – La Villita Assembly Building in San Antonio’s historic Riverwalk district welcomes all kinds of crowds, from sports fans to wedding parties. On Saturday, April 8th, 2017, however, the building played host to something new: wind turbines.
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TAME Scholarship Applications Now Open

Calling all TAME graduating seniors!  Scholarship applications & letters of recommendation from TAME Club Sponsors are due at 11:59p on Monday, May 1st, 2017.
Button Apply for Scholarships
Calling all TAME graduating seniors! TAME Freshman Scholarship applications for the 2017-2018 school year are now open. Applications, documentation, and letters of recommendation from TAME Club Sponsors are due to the TAME State Office no later than 11:59p on Monday, May 1st, 2017. Students submit one application to be considered for the following scholarships offered by TAME’s higher education and corporate partners: Midwestern State University (Freshman engineering) Prairie View A&M University (Freshman engineering) Texas A&M University (Freshman) Texas Tech University (Freshman engineering) The University of Texas at Austin (Freshman engineering) Chevron (STEM major, West Texas students only) ConocoPhillips (Specific majors, open to all students) Pratt & Whitney (STEM major, Wichita Falls students only) Who Can Apply for TAME Scholarships?  Applicants for TAME Freshman Scholarships must: Be a member of a registered TAME Club with a student registration on file Be currently enrolled in high school and scheduled to graduate at...
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Bring a Boeing-sponsored Family STEM Event to your community! Applications due 3/21.

Bring a Boeing-sponsored Family STEM Event to your community! 

"It was science, but it was AWESOME." That's what one elementary student said after leaving the Trailblazer, the STEM-museum-on-wheels that's a big part of the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME)'s mission to connect Texas students to careers in STEM.

The truth is, a lot of kids aren't quite as excited about science as we are.... at least, not yet. The hands-on exhibits on the Trailblazer are designed to get kids thinking about science and other STEM fields in a new way, and encourage them to think of themselves as computer whizzes, astronauts, cardiologists, and much more.
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T-Shirt Design Contest Now Open

mscstate 2016 0430 tamusa engineeringdesignchallengei 56 edits shirtcontest
Boeing "Behind the Next Big Thing" T-Shirt Design Contest Registered students from TAME Clubs across Texas are invited to submit their design for the 13th annual T-Shirt Design Contest, sponsored by Boeing . The winning design will be featured on the t-shirts, event programs and other materials given to hundreds of participants at the State STEM Competition . The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $100. If the winning student is in grades 6-12, he or she will also receive an invitation to the State STEM Competition. A date and location for State will be announced soon at . For contest details, examples of past winning designs, and a downloadable contest form, visit . Submit your entry by the March 7th deadline: Read More

Divisional STEM Competitions: Schedules & Practice Tests

Divisional STEM Competitions: Schedules & Practice Tests

New Practice Tests for Divisionals

Why is TAME switching to tests by grade level? Where are the practice tests that were listed by subject? As we announced earlier this year, TAME's Divisional and State STEM Competitions are evolving to better meet the needs of our participants. One big change that you’ll see in competitions this spring is the new individual test format.  Read more about how the new test format works in our blog post, New Test Format for STEM Competitions.

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New Test Format for STEM Competitions

New Test Format for Divisional and State STEM Competitions

As we announced earlier this year, TAME's Divisional and State STEM Competitions are evolving to better meet the needs of our participants. One big change that you’ll see in competitions this spring is the new individual test format. Here’s our FAQ for the new test format:

How will the new tests be structured? Instead of the twenty-three different tests we currently offer, only seven individual tests will be offered at each competition. The tests will be administered by grade level and will combine math and science, including questions from both subject areas. Few students will know all of the material presented, but the tests will be a comprehensive assessment of knowledge and skills and will provide a solid baseline for measurable growth.
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You boost activity in our temporal cortex.

You boost activity in our right anterior superior temporal cortex.    You really do. And that's not all. Neurologically speaking, we're only just starting to understand how gratitude affects the brain, but studies show strong correlations between feelings of gratitude and benefits to both interpersonal relationships and mental health. Expressing gratitude helps us each to strengthen social bonds and to build community.

You boost activity in our right anterior superior temporal cortex.

You really do. And that's not all. Neurologically speaking, we're only just starting to understand how gratitude affects the brain, but studies show strong correlations between feelings of gratitude and benefits to both interpersonal relationships and mental health. Expressing gratitude helps us each to strengthen social bonds and to build community.
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Announcing Texas-sized Changes to STEM Competitions

Announcing Texas-sized Changes to TAME's annual STEM Competitions
For over 30 years, competitions have been an integral part of the programs offered by the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME). Annual STEM Competitions help to focus student effort in TAME Clubs and provide an exciting incentive to work hard; they connect students to academic and corporate partners; and they foster friendships and mentoring relationships. Year after year, we’ve seen how participating in our competitions  inspires students to think big . We’re very grateful to our community, corporate and academic supporters who have made this possible year after year. And now we’re at a turning point. The world has changed a lot in the past 30 years. It’s time for the Competitions to change, too. The challenges: TAME has grown by leaps and bounds, expanding our programs to thirteen regional chapters and counting. We now have an unprecedented number of schools wanting to participate in the STEM Competitions....
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40 Years and a Formula for STEM Equity

tb originaltrailer 80s trailblazer edits small

Today, September 27, 2016, marks the 40-year anniversary of TAME’s work to strengthen female and minority participation in STEM careers. As we celebrate with all of you, we want to present you with some numbers: numbers that show how far we’ve come, and numbers that show how far we still have to go.

In 1978, Austin magazine provided a snapshot of the times with the article TAME Boosts Minority Students Into the Engineering FieldAlthough Hispanic, African-American, and Native Americans comprised 17% of the United State's total population, they represented less than 3% of the STEM workforce. Of all the civil engineers in the United States, 1.3% were female.

"Paradoxically, our country needs more engineers, but is not taking advantage of the engineering potential of its minority citizens... Texas industry and education have united to launch a unique state-wide attack on the problem. The unusual partnership is called Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME)." The full article was reprinted in that year's Annual Report.

Forty years on, how are we doing? About 6% of today's STEM workforce is Hispanic, 6% is African-American, and 25% is female. The percentage of female civil engineers has risen to 12.7%.

Have we made progress? Absolutely. Is it enough? Not even close. Workforce diversity benefits everyone: according to recent research, mixed gender teams achieve 40% more patents than all-male teams, while gender diversity at the management level results in a $42 million increase in the value of S&P 500 firms.
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Ready to invent the future? JOIN THE CLUB.

Annual TAME Club Registration is now open. In our free TAME Clubs across Texas, students are starting exciting careers by exploring science, tech, engineering, math, coding, rocketry, robotics, and more.

Sign up by November 16th to win scholarships, connect with mentors, and compete in STEM! Learn more at
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Texas Students Shine at 31st Annual State STEM Competition

The 31st annual State STEM Competition for the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) was sponsored by Boeing and held at the Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

(San Antonio, TX) – The 31st annual State STEM Competition for the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) was sponsored by Boeing and held at the Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

The event, offered free of cost to participants, brought together 283 high-achieving students from across Texas, who traveled 7,174 miles to compete. TAME students from grades 6-12 qualified to attend the State STEM Competition at Divisional events hosted by the Chapters. This year's Divisional STEM Competition season saw a record-breaking number of participants1,548 students competing across 13 different chapters. View Divisional results here.


At the State level, students competed in individual, timed math and science tests and in teams for an engineering design challenge. The top five students in each test received awards. The top five teams in the engineering design challenge were also recognized. In addition, three teams received special awards for design, creativity and teamwork. All winners were honored with trophies or medals and all participants received a variety of door prizes and giveaways thanks to generous sponsorships. View State results here.


One student, Lily Hernandez of the Lubbock Chapter, received the Outstanding Student Award sponsored by Shell Oil Company. Another student, Eunsuh Cho of the Capital Area Chapter, received recognition and $100 for winning the Boeing "Build Something Better" T-Shirt Design Contest. 

“Long-term engagement really does make a difference for students,” said TAME’s Executive Director, Savita Raj. “TAME’s afterschool clubs and STEM Competitions have been encouraging students to explore college and careers in STEM for almost 40 years. The clubs and competitions have an immediate impact and a life-long impact. It’s wonderful when a student says 'I’m seeing my future' at the end of a STEM Competition, and it’s wonderful that 100% of the high-school seniors at the STEM Competitions plan to go to college this year.”

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TAME Club Registration Now Open!

Registration now open! TAME Clubs let students explore, win scholarships, compete in math, science, and engineering--and are totally free!

Annual TAME Club registration is now open! From the Panhandle to the Valley, all across Texas, TAME teachers and their students are reaching for the stars--and the laboratories, the board rooms, and even the White House. For over 30 years, TAME has built a strong network of K-12 teachers, higher education partners, and corporate partners dedicated to promoting diversity in STEM. Let us help you inspire students to find the STEM career of their dreams.

By registering your TAME Club, educators and students gain access to our competitions in January and February, as well as a host of other resources.
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Road Scholar Wanted: Now Hiring a Moving Educator

Road Scholar Wanted: TAME Now Hiring a Moving Educator
Trailblazer Facilitator and Engineer David Morris with students in Eagle Lake, Texas after a successful Trailblazer visit to a local library.

Are you ready to take your teaching career on the road? TAME is now hiring a third Trailblazer Facilitator to bring the excitement of STEM to students all across the state. Every year, our science-museums-on-wheels travel over 18,000 miles and engage over 20,000 students with electrifying hands-on exhibits.

TAME is putting the call out to all of central Texas, seeking a friendly, dynamic individual to connect with students, teachers, administrators, and local media. This year we're expanding to reach a record-breaking number of schools, and we need more facilitators to meet the demand. Help our mobile museums reach more students than ever before.

"I love this job, it combines all the best parts of teaching," says Facilitator V.J. Willis, who was a classroom teacher for 12 years before joining TAME. "It's the greatest experience I've ever had as an educator, because you get to see kids getting very excited about learning. That's why you get into teaching in the first place!"
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Harnessing Brain Power in Odessa

TAME Teacher and Alumnus Jeff Vann helps an Odessa student at UTPB Academy learn to use power tools
TAME Teacher and Alumnus Jeff Vann helps a student at UTPB Academy learn to use power tools in a class engineering project. 

"I remember being in school and feeling like there was a stigma on the smart kids. Even now, kids feel like it’s not okay to be the smart kid in the class, or that there’s not a reason to excel. TAME programs show kids that it’s okay to be smart, and that you get to do cool stuff when you’re a smart kid."

Jeff Vann is a TAME Alumnus and Teacher who brings science and engineering to students at the UTPB STEM Academy in TAME's West Texas Chapter.  His TAME Club students are known as the Noisy Nerdles.
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Compete Like a Scientist: How to Talk To Your Students About Winning and Losing

Student competitors at TAME's 2009 State Math and Science Competition at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
"It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” – Albert Einstein 

Now that TAME’s Competition season is over, it’s a good time to talk with your students about winning and losing. In this article, we’ll explore the “growth mindset,” a simple but revolutionary approach to learning that celebrates the process of learning, rather than fixed intelligence or answers.

Great Science and Great Adventures
When it comes to STEM, being smart is great, but being curious and persistent might be even more important. In fact, not knowing something is where great science (and every great adventure) begins. For all students, but especially for under-represented minorities, learning how to fail is a necessary part of learning how to succeed. What’s more, approaching education with a “growth mindset” – a mindset that values curiosity and persistence – makes learning more fun for everyone!

Good scientists start with a question. They learn by guessing (or “hypothesizing”), by experimenting, and by failing. Question by question and guess by guess, scientists get closer to finding an answer to their original question. And once they’ve got that answer, they start all over again.

The Goal is to Fail?
“If you haven’t failed yet, you haven’t tried anything.” – Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code

In many disciplines, but especially in science or math, the goal is to fail repeatedly. Failure allows us a deeper understanding of how and why things work, or don’t. Of course, failure and the threat of failure can have serious effects. Research on stereotype threat shows that people are likely to perform poorly when they are reminded that they don’t fit the stereotype of someone successful in the field they are pursuing. It’s easy to get discouraged and give up. The students who stick with it, however, who keep asking questions even when other people give up, are the ones who become scientists and discover asteroids, design satellites, unwind the laws of physics and reveal the inner workings of the human genome.
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Teacher's View: Why Does Dixie Ross Love TAME?

Teacher's View: Why Does Dixie Ross Love TAME?
"My former student brought along a note that I had written twenty years earlier listing everyone who had signed up for our field trip...until [then], I had no idea of the impact that TAME field trip had on those kids, now all thriving professionals who feel a responsibility to pay forward the opportunity that they were given." Dixie Ross is a high school teacher and TAME club sponsor at Pflugerville High School and a Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. For over 30 years, she has taught mathematics, including Advanced Placement Calculus, to students who come primarily from low-income, rural, and minority backgrounds. What kind of impact do TAME programs have on your students? Recently, at a breakfast for TAME leadership, I was proud to sit with one of my former members who is now a TAME corporate sponsor. He became a father and a husband during...
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